Friday, 16 March 2012

FH - magazine advert

This is the magazine advert that I put together from some 'expectations' from our target audience.
It was a risky way to put the advert together but what i did was show my video and then asked the audience what they would expect/like to see in a magazine advert that is going to promote our video!
The background is one picture of balloons copied six times and with that I have put up the contrast and lighting on to blur the image to make it less obvious.

This was the picture I used to crop the picture of the balloons. Below is the section i cropped, i also used this crop for the inside pictures of balloons in the digipak, I did not however ajust the lighting in the digipak photos, just the magazine advert ones purely so that you can not tell as much it is the same picture six times.

with the lighting also adjusted we have our final balloon effect for the magazine advert background!

The idea of having a single picture of each girl was a young girl (aged 15) came up with! she suggested this so that each girl could express their individual colours! I thought this was a brilliant idea. So this was how we made our background and came up with the layout of the pictures of the girls. Another piece of advice from another student (aged 17) was that we try as hard as we can to keep just the girls their colour, and have the background of them white - I took this on board and thought it worked very well aswell as fitting the codes and conventions of high lighting to give the 'glamorous' look as that is common in the pop genre.

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