Monday, 23 January 2012

FH - club scene preparation

For our club scene we are going to film on Friday 3rd Feb at The Yard in Ilkley, this is a bar that i work in and i have asked my manager if we are aloud to film and he said yes as it will promote our bar.
The only probem we may have is that we need to announce on a microphone that a camera will be filming so anyone that does not want to be involved will need to move outside while we film, however we do not want people to act different due to a camera been around them e.g. being silly in front of the camera, so this may be complicated. This is an example picture i found on google images to explain what i mean...
The setting is not an actual club but it has got a club atmosphere due to the DJ (Luke Tibble) and the lights look like what would be in  club as they are blue, red and green. If the bar is not busy we could get some really good shots that show the bar staff doing tricks with bottles and cocktails etc.

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