Thursday, 12 January 2012

Behind the scenes - sleepover and balloon scene

On January the 8th of January we filmed the balloon and sleepover scene, the first two scenes to our music video. We started filming at 4PM and finished around 7:30PM.
Me, Faye and the girls involved in the music video helped blow up the 200 balloons for the balloon scene before we started to prepare anything else, thankfully we had an electric pump and didn’t have to use the whole 200 balloons as the room we filmed in was relatively small. It took a while and a lot of energy, but we filmed the room with white and pink balloons in no time. 

The filming with the balloons went really well and looked very impressive on camera. We actually used a small bathroom and covered the toilet and sink completely with balloons so you could never tell the difference. The girls falling into the balloons looked particularly impressive on film and the pink helium balloons also added an extra touch.  

Next scene was the sleepover scene where we used 200 feathers to create a pillow fight with pillows filled with lots of feathers. Filming this scene was a lot easier than the balloon scene as positioning and framing did not have to be as immaculate. I tried to include as much shot variation as possible in this particular scene.
I feel using a slow motion of certain shots will also look very effective. The feathers will look particularly good in slow motion. To get the bright light effect that most pop music videos use, Faye and I used desk lamps to brighten the girl’s faces, to give that flawless glow.

Overall filming on the two scenes was a success, it took a while and we had a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards, but was good fun and looks like good footage. We took photographs of filming throughout, and also took pictures of the girls for our digipak.

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