Saturday, 26 November 2011

ALL - Genres and Directors

Genre and Directors powerpoint

This is the powerpoint that we made to teach the class about different genres and directors that link to that pertcular genre, it went well and everyone enjoyed us teaching them and found our points interesting and helpful.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Vodcast - sample footage

Untitled from Faye Higgins on Vimeo.

sample footage - behind the scenes

sample footage 1

Untitled from HarrietHarding on Vimeo.

This is our first sample fotage to show you how we intend on slowing down some things such as the bursting balloon which has glitter in it - this will look a lot better indoors as the wind blew the glitter in the wrong direction of us filming.
There is a vodcast to be uploaded asap for after we filmed this to tell you more as a group about our progess and intensions in future.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

FH - Advertising my voting polls

This is my Facebook page - i made a post and link for all my facebook friends to come on the blog and vote for their favourite genre and the best girl band. So far i have had there abouts 20 people vote and am hoping to advertise my blog to other social sites such as myspace, twitter and msn.  

My wall post says -
"This is my blog, it is media coursework and i need you fabulous people to help!!! click this link and on the right hand side will be a votin poll, please please PLEASE vote!!! i need as many as possible and it will be very appreciated that you will spend 30seconds of your lives helping out :) do the right thing fellow facebookers!!! "
It is informal to relate to younger audiences as my friends on facebook are of a 15-25 age range.

This picture was taken on my Blackberry and sent to the computer via bluetooth.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

FH - Treatment

Treatment - Faye

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FH - My consumption of music videos

The website that keeps my sanity...

The way to free videos of ANYTHING!
i watch music videos on youtube on a daily basis, getting ready in a morning, relaxing at home on a night, even at parties to choose a song!
Youtube is amazing for finding music of any kind online within minuits. I no longer buy CD's because of this which has led me to no longer needing a CD player and i don't think i ever bought a music video DVD ! i have had a Girls Aloud tour DVD bought for me that i never watched because it took too much time and effort, plus they were live at a concert and were not the songs i wanted to hear there and then so i turned on my laptop, clicked youtube and typed in the song i wanted to hear and with no more than two blinks it was there ready to play in the quality i wanted!

Personally i think that websites such as youtube and vimeo are more and more popular, i also watch music videos on TV such as music chanels Fizz and Chanel U however i only flick through them when i am bored and nothing else is on... and usually it is not a song that i like so with websites such as youtube and minivids i am able to watch and listen to music i like in suitable time - no waiting.

I am able to acces websites on my phone as well as free download apps that allow me to get a track and its video onto my phone in seconds!

Youtube is one of the biggest websites for videos that anyone of any age can access and the videos are from home videos and music videos to film clips and clips from television! I can access music videos of all genres and from years and years back which is another amazing aspect of the website.

We use youtube in our media project as it allows us to upload our footage to get it onto our blog but we can only do this at home, so while i am at school we use vimeo which is basically another video uploader which is not blocked off our school system - they are both great quality too which is a bonus! Although i prefer uploading videos to my vimeo account as it is a lot quicker than youtube.

Podcast 2 - Playing with ideas/rough cut

Monday, 21 November 2011

FH - Style influences: Saturdays and Spice Girls

All the below are my idea of how our five girls are going to look within the video.

This is obviously a picture of five maxi dresses. Each dress as you can see is different, by color, pattern, strap/strapless etc. The Saturdays use the idea of wearing the same clothing but in a different colour which is where we have the idea of using 'different but still similar', this denotes that they are close as band members as they are all similar.  As you can see in this picture of The Saturdays each girl is wearing black but have different coloured tights, in the video they have objects to match each girls individual color which is an idea that we have bared in mind. e.g. watch, lipstick, nails, mobile etc.
 As you can see in this girl band each girl has different 'style, not as noticable as The Spice Girls style but they are all of different ethnicity, their hair is not the same color or style and the use of using black dresses, but different black dresses connotates that they are all individuals - the tights obviously connote this as well but these are the small things that not everybody notices. The Spice Girls on the other hand have a very noticable difference in individuality! They wear what i would describe as a 'costume' rather than a statement - they were over the top and did this to be noticed and different to other groups at the time bearing in mind it was the 90's. We are going to stick with the idea of each girl been different but we are swaying towards The Saturdays style rather than The Spice Girls! It's nothing personal girls! but i am sure we are wanting to be a bit more modern than the costume styles!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

ALL - Production Company

Production Company 1st idea:

Haye Fattie Productions
A Faye and Hattie production

Our first idea was to take the first letter from each of our names and switch them around and voila! It’s a Haye Fattie production.
This idea was thought up in a Eureka kind of moment. There are such bazaar production company names out there that really have no relevance, but our name does have some meaning and is does involve both the people in our groups name. 

Faye + Hattie

Switch around the F and the H

Haye Fattie productions!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HH - Girls Aloud promotions

Girls Aloud Promotions

Nintendo DS – In 2008 Nintendo signed Girls Aloud to front a series of TV ad campaigns. The ad includes the five singers playing games on the handheld Nintendo DS in the studio and as they relax at home.

'We all love our Nintendo DS’s…there’s always something to keep us laughing and entertained - the different DS colours mean we never get them mixed up too!” say the band.

KitKat – in 2008 all five of the girl band members stared in an advertising campaign for KitKat, KitKat’s biggest product launch in nearly ten years. The ad includes the five members of the girl band walking down the red carpet being snapped by paparazzi and cheered by their fans. The girl band reportedly signed a million pound contract with Nestle to advertise the new KitKat Senses chocolate bar. The advert was made by JWT with media planning and buying handled by Mindshare.

The KitKat advert

Girls Aloud have also have their own line of cosmetics such as false eyelashes sold in selected retail outlets. 
The eyelashes are styled to be as similar to each individual band member as possible. This way the consumer is buying the product under the impression that they can look like that particular singer if they buy their fake eyelashes. This is a great selling technique as young fans will buy the product wanting to look like their role models. 

Other promotions include calendars, Barbie dolls, and their very own make-up range.
It is clear from the promotions and campaigns that the girl band is focusing mainly on the younger female audience. With the main idea being used that if you buy this product you will look that these women.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

FH - Pop Music notes

Abrieviated from word ‘popular’

Commercially recorded music – often aimed at youth audience.

Hatch & millward define pop as “body of music distinguishable from jazz and folk”

“pop song” was first recorded – 1926 and was a piece of music with a sinse of poularity.

In Britain it came around in the 1950’s – as a description for rock and roll with a mix of youth styles.

The beatles, abba, rolling stones etc

1960’s pop music was described as music with a beat.

Musicologists often identify the following characteristics as typical of the pop music genre:
Appealing to a genre audience, rather than to a particular sub-culture
Emphasis on recording, production, and technology, over live performance.